Health, Safety and the Environment


Our cleaning services can help protect your family’s health, creating a healthy and safe environment in the home.

  • Safe for children and pets.
  • Safe for allergy sufferers.
  • Safe for babies
  • Safe for wool


Health, Safety and Environmental issues are of key importance to Metroclean. For this reason our cleaning solutions meet the following criteria:

  • Non-toxic, safe for children and pets.
  • Non-resoiling.
  • Enzyme-free.
  • Bacteria-free.
  • Odourless.
  • Solvent-free.

We use a detergent called M-Power which is a Non-Toxic eco-friendly cleaning agent. This has the advantage of breaking down dirt & grime naturally without leaving a toxic residue. If you would like a carpet cleaning quote in Liverpool call or enquire online now.

Don’t hesitate to call Peter on 07834 022866 any time who will offer advice.