Upholstery Recovery & Repair Liverpool

MetroClean provide a friendly, personal re-upholstery and fabric repair service throughout Liverpool. We cover all areas of Liverpool and Merseyside and take great pride in our work, having built our business through positive recommendation and word of mouth.

We offer a full range of services, including:

  • Re-Upholstery & Recovering (of both Modern and Traditional furniture)
  • Repairs
  • Insurance Estimates
  • Upholstery Supplies & Sundries
  • Hotel/ Pub/ Club upholstery work
  • Fabric Supplier (inc. Fabric Finder service)
  • Fire Retardent Treatment service
  • Range of Pattern books (Available for home viewing)
  • Small selection of furniture for sale

Contact us today to see how we can help give your furniture a new lease of life!

Don’t hesitate to call Peter on 07834 022866 any-time who will offer advice.


  • Frequently asked questions

    How effective is steam cleaning?

    Cleaning with steam is a fantastic, natural cleaning process we need to use more. The steam generated by our equipment which sits outside in our van whilst we clean, works in many different ways and we know it is an invaluable tool in our arsenal for deep, hygienic and sanitising cleaning.

    The action of heat transfer

    The main reason that steam is so effective is because on initial contact the heat acts to separate the dirt and grime from the fibres of the carpet by weakening the physical bond. Off the shelf cleaning products that are available to buy will create the illusion of ‘clean’ with strong chemical odours that only have a marginal effect on the grime that embeds itself into the fibres of upholstery, and they also use optical brighteners to lighten the carpet. Whereas with steam cleaning, the heat transfer from the steam to the surface means you get a deep clean to the base of every fibre.

    The sanitising action of steam

    When water turns to steam it fights bacterias and kills germs and bugs that survive on carpet and upholstery fibres. Steam can be a natural sanitiser and neutraliser of bacteria in your home, without the need for harsh chemicals. You may feel the chemicals you use in cleaning products will help, but the residue left behind in these can be harmful to your skin and also the air you breathe. The simplicity of the power of steam cleaning makes much more sense than filling cupboards with expensive, gimmicky cleaning products.

    Stubborn stains and bugs

    The hot water vapour used in steam cleaning, is more effective on grease than cleaning at lower temperatures water so we can help with removing oily food stains from carpets and upholstery. For those of us with allergies or asthma, who are affected severely by bed bugs, dust mites, fleas and larvae, can benefit from steam cleaning as these are killed when steam is used to clean.

    Can you clean any brand of furniture upholstery?

    As trained professionals, chances are we have experience working with almost every fabric textile variant.

    In general though, when your furniture manufacturer tells you NOT to clean them yourself –  but to seek cleaning from a trained professional – that’s us – and we can guarantee you will be impressed with our results, whilst having the peace of mind that your valuable furniture is in safe hands.

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