Get Your Home Insta-Ready To Boost Airbnb Bookings

Holding A Mobile Smartphone And Take A Picture

If you are planning to rent out a property, one of the best ways to attract tenants is to market it well – and these days, this is all about making it look professionally designed so it is worthy of a social media post.

Laura Ward, design director at At Home With Hostmaker, told Mail Online that those who want to let out their properties successfully on homestay platforms such as Airbnb need to make sure the residence looks as good as possible in photographs.

She suggested adding unique items to the rooms to set them apart from the crowd and make them memorable. These photos will go down particularly well on sites such as Instagram when people are looking up or following hashtags like #homeinspo. If they spot your property and think it looks appealing, they are more likely to stay there over a hotel or B’n’B.

Other ways to make the rooms stand out is to opt for a statement print wallpaper or a feature wall; include accessories such as locally-made crafts to add a bit of culture to the property; stick with a strong colour scheme; and choose lighting options wisely.

Ms Ward stated: “Lighting really is the most important aspect for me. It has the ability to change moods. Hanging pendants or statement lighting always completes a tailor-made look and glass is a nice option for something a little more special.”

Something else that adds character and a feeling of luxury to a room is having different textiles to the room, whether this is lots of plump cushions on the bed or bold carpets or rugs on the floor.

Of course, there is nothing more off-putting to potential guests than dirty floors, so why not book in professional carpet cleaners in Liverpool to ensure your home is as clean as possible before you start uploading photos on to Instagram?

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