Do Your Cleaning Efforts Make Things Dirtier?


The point of cleaning your home is to make it, well, cleaner. But apparently there are some common mistakes we’re making that can in fact lead to things becoming dirtier.

Insider recently shared some of the top cleaning habits we should cut out to make sure we’re actually cleaning when we reach for the vacuum cleaner, duster and other cleaning products.

One mistake many of us make in the kitchen is using dish towels to dry our hands, clean our dishes and wipe our surfaces. This will typically mean that you’re spreading germs and dirt around the kitchen, rather than actually cleaning it up.

When it comes to our floors, there are a few mistakes we make, with one of the main ones being that we start by cleaning this area of our home before doing other cleaning chores. You need to start with your surfaces to prevent more dust and dirt ending up on your floors after you’ve cleaned them.

Another mistake is using a mop to clean hard floors, with the news provider noting that mops typically just move dirt around rather than actually removing it.

Scrubbing your carpet to remove stains is another thing to be avoided. Lily Cameron, a cleaning expert at Fantastic Services, explained why. “Scrubbing the carpet will untwist the fibres and damage the pile, thus setting the stain even deeper into the fibres,” she stated.

If your carpet is looking a little worse for wear, call in carpet cleaners in Merseyside to freshen it up and make it look as good as new.

To make sure your carpets stay in a clean state once the professionals have finished, make sure you take your time when vacuuming. The best way to lift all the dirt out is to use slow, repetitive movements and to ensure you do this at least twice a week.

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