Help your workforce fight allergies and hayfever with professional carpet and upholstery cleaning from Metroclean

metroclean-van-commercialStudies have shown that employees work more efficiently if they appreciate the environment in which they work.

Unfortunately this time of year can bring with it a lot of irritation for those of us who suffer from allergies like hayfever. As an employer it might not seem like there’s anything you can do to help alleviate these symptoms in the people who work for you, but in reality, maintaining a thoroughly clean office will go a long way to keeping your workforce comfortable.

General maintenance such as dusting and vacuuming is a must but that only goes so far when it comes to removing allergens that can become lodged deep under the surface of  your carpets and upholstery. Even if your business premises looks spotless to the naked eye you’re still going to have a build-up of allergens such as pollen that have been brought in via clothes and shoes from the outside and embedded in your carpets and upholstery. This is why many people can’t find much relief from their allergies at this time of year even when they are working indoors.

At MetroClean we have all the skills and equipment required to make sure your place of work is free from the distractions brought by allergies. We have many commercial clients who swear by having us come in once or twice a year for a thorough clean of their carpets and upholstery.  We use one of the most powerful hot water extraction machines on the market, allowing us to provide a deep clean that won’t be bettered anywhere else in Liverpool. The device that we use cleans around four times faster than some of the cheaper machines on the market, helping them us provide professional services to customers in a timely fashion. A big advantage of this system that our clients always appreciate is that it leaves carpets and upholstery dry and ready to use in almost no time at all (quite different to some competitors who use small, under-powered extraction machines, which tend to leave your carpets damp for several hours after the clean).

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So, if you want to know how we can help your business in Liverpool to be more productive, call our dedicated service team on 0151 281 7466 today.

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