Carpet Tips For Pet Owners

Dog Lay On Back From Above

Having a pet when you have soft flooring in your home is a lifestyle choice – one that may require the best carpet cleaners Liverpool has to offer from time to time. However, there’s no reason a carpeted home can’t live in harmony with our four-legged friends if you know how.

First up, it’s important to know the type of carpet you have or are going to buy. According to Carpetright, any type of loop pile carpet may cause issues with dogs and cats as they are prone to getting their claws caught in the loops. These are still possible to have for your home, but you’ll have to keep on top of nail maintenance for your pet.

When it comes to stains, choosing a carpet fibre such a Polypropylene which has natural stain resistance can also help. After all, even the best trained dog or cat can have the odd accident, so it’s great to know how to tackle such an incident. First up, blot the stain. We’re aiming to dry out the affected area as much as possible by removing the liquid, rather than it being allowed to soak in. Keep putting kitchen towel on the stain and weigh down, changing repeatedly.

This should lighten the affect of the mark already, however, once you’ve soaked up as much of the liquid as possible, you should then tackle it with cleaning products. Natural products work best to not damage carpet fibres, and don’t over-wet the stain with product, as this can cause problems all its own

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