Carpet Flooring Is Making A Comeback, Designers Claim


A few years ago, everyone stripped their carpets and sanded and stained their original wood flooring for a more authentic look to their home. However, all trends come back in style after a while, and the season for carpeted floors is on its way.

This is according to interior design specialists who told The Daily Telegraph that many homeowners are opting for stylish types of carpet to add texture and colour to their houses.

These include stair runners and rugs, with designer Abigail Ahern from carpet company Roger Oates telling the news provider: “Rugs with pattern changed the feeling of the space. Pattern is like a herb, or a spice; it adds a bit of pizzazz.”

Brintons is another firm that is updating carpet designs for the 21st century, and recently launched a collection in collaboration with Timorous Beasties. These floors included botanical and butterfly images, and wood grain and damask motifs, which were exceptionally popular with the public.

Subtle designs, geometric patterns and chunky textures are also a hit and work well in most properties.

One of the advantages of carpets is that they are easy to clean, with Lorna Haigh of Alternative Flooring saying those with a high wool content are the best.

“It’s durable and cleans easily; due to its inherent properties, it bounces back,” the newspaper quoted her as saying.

If you have had your carpet for a few years or have spilt a big stain on your floor, you might need some extra help to make it spotless again, no matter how high its wool content. Calling in carpet cleaning professionals will spruce up your carpet, brightening up your home in the meantime.

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