Student Finds New House Dirty & Damaged – With Hair In The Carpet!

View Of A Messy Room

When you move out of student halls and into a house for the first time, you’re bound to be excited. It feels like striking out on your own for the very first time!

Unless, of course, you’re 20-year-old Bristol University student Sam Taylor, who came to find his new student digs dirty, damaged and with hair worked into the carpets, the Bristol Post reports.

You’d hope that the people leaving the house would get a team of professional cleaners in to get it ready for the next group to be living there – and you’d certainly expect the landlord to make sure the house was habitable before renting it out to someone else… but in this case, it appears that neither of these actually happened.

Not only did Mr Taylor find hair in the carpet, he also discovered mould and filthy walls, as well as no working fire or carbon monoxide alarms. Describing the house as “a state”, he said: “It’s disgusting. I want a professional clean and least £70 to £100 off for this month and the full refund of the deposit at the end.”

Removing hair from carpet can be tricky – but it can be done. Try spraying water and fabric softener onto the carpet so it clumps together, then brush with a stiff brush. Pick up the resulting clumps and throw them away, then vacuum over the carpet to collect any stray hairs.

Alternatively, give Wirral carpet cleaning company Metroclean a call to see how we can help you bring your house back to life.

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